What is Patient Centered Medical Home?

We strive to be the “Medical Home” for your children and provide equally for all our patients a safe environment where you can expect to receive a comprehensive assessment and a personalized treatment strategy based on the most current evidence based guidelines.  We will conduct surveys from time to time, and ask that you answer thoughtfully as we will use your feedback to guide us toward quality improvement that is important to you.


Please think of us as the first place to come for advice and care regarding all your child’s health care needs.  This includes physical, developmental and emotional health, as well as a place to help you find the appropriate specialist or access community resources.  We also want to coordinate your care.  Let us know if you have been treated by a specialist, an emergency department or any outside healthcare professional.  Informing us of medications, test results, and procedures are keys to having a complete understanding of your child’s health.  Every time you are seen for care outside of our office, please request that a copy of the visit or test result is sent/faxed to us so that we can best serve you.


In addition, let us know if you are using any over-the-counter medications or have undertaken any self-care regimens.  Review your patient information on the patient portal and tell us if the information we have on file is incomplete or inaccurate.  Good care requires a partnership between your family and our office.  We appreciated your help and look forward to working with you.


Benefits For Patients 

Stay healthy. Patients who are treated in PCMHs tend to receive preventive services and screenings at a higher rate than patients who are not in PCMHs, helping them stay healthy.
Better communication. Communication with patients and their families/caregivers is a core concept of the PCMH model, which also emphasizes enhanced patient access to clinical advice and medical records.
Better management of chronic conditions. According to research, PCMHs are especially helpful for patients with complex chronic conditions.
Have a better experience. When medical home attributes are described to people, they say it is the type of care they want to receive.

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